Sunday, March 27, 2005

Ward Churchill - How Long Does It Take to Expose A Phoney?

I'm disheartened with the recent goings on at University Of Colorado regarding Ward Churchill. Now we find out that a "New" panel will have to be put together to determine if Ward misrepresented his background to the University when applying for a job and whether he's a plagiarizer. They say it could take months to complete........WHAT? Months!! Who is kidding who here?
In her duties as a Assistant Professor, I've watched my wife review the work of her students and as a standard check, she goes to the internet looking for suspicious statements in the thesis to be sure they are not "copped" from someone else's work without giving credit to them.........takes about 30 minutes, NOT MONTHS! How long does it take to verify someones Academic record - maybe a week.
The University of Colorado is "buying time" on the Ward Churchill controversy because the top officials are COWARDS.....plain and simple. Ward's threats of legal action and his "bad ass" veneer have the UC officials quaking in their boots. The longer taxpayers in Colorado put up with this cowardice, the more it will cost us. It's now time to either expose Ward (if he's a phoney) and fire him, or shut up.
As a side note: It's been my experience throughout life that when someone refuses (as Churchill apparently has done) to assist and be open with those looking into their past or credit or whatever....there is probably a reason........and it usually isn't a good one!
Additionally, in the business world I'm used to, when a management group is seriously questioned for ineptness, indecision or lack of conviction........they are canned! I say clean house and put the University of Colorado in the hands of folks who agressively care about higher education for the young adults of Colorado - not political adgendas, political correctness or backside covering.