Tuesday, April 05, 2005

That does it....I'm getting an Isetta........

Gas prices have zoomed up again to the point that I'm considering a gas pinching car again (the Isetta was built by BMW if you can believe it!)....one too small to carry my two Goldens, can't pass a bicycle on the highway and whines worse than my wife when she doesn't get her way.... but gets over 35 mpg !...just enough to overcome the greedy oil companies. Gad...am I reactive or what!

The TV Economic pundits remind us every Saturday morning that Europeans have been paying $2.50+ per gallon prices for years and we American's are spoiled...if that is the case, then so are the Oil Companies. You watch, the next quarterly reports of every major U.S. oil company will make the stockholders jump for joy. Oh well, Harley's get 35 mpg...maybe it's time to spring for a Soft Tail...I can almost hear the rumble in the garage as I lite it up....and my wife comes out to wail on me about the racket... "you are the scourge of the neighborhood"....no way to win ...I'll just get an electric scooter instead.