Saturday, February 24, 2007

Airport Blues....

I've done a fair amount of business traveling during the last 12 months after many years of not traveling except for vacations. I used to travel a lot and made a list of my least favorite airports to try to navagate's my 2007 updated version:

1. Chicago's O'Hare has been awful to navigate since 1979.....and STILL under construction! If you are a long distance runner, it's fine......otherwise, you will wish for a cab to get from one terminal to another.

2. Phoenix International is also a "walkers" airport.....they still haven't figured out what walking sidewalks are - geez.

3. Salt Lake City Airport - Unless you depart/arrive on Delta, plan on a long walk.......If you go out on Southwest or SkyWest, tell the ticket agent you are about to faint and need a ride to the gate.

4. Colorado Springs Airport - Walk, walk, walk......same ole story, but NO excuse! This is a newly updated airport...nice planning guys and gals!

Now some of the better places to fly to/from:

1. Dallas Ft. Worth Airport -
It was a great plan when built over 30 years ago and still is easy to navigate. There can be a time issue if you are switching airlines there, but the trains are quick.

2. Denver International - Nice! Easy to get around and walking is minimal ( can you tell I don't like to walk a lot??). Parking is good and the airport is well laid out.

3. Atlanta Hartsfield - Actually tied with Denver.......great layout.

Now if I could just get my company to move headquarters from Salt Lake City to one of my about Denver!