Sunday, May 14, 2006

Landscaping Competition that never was........

Ok.....I used to have the greenest yard in the neighborhood and would go to great lengths to make sure I won "best in class" for good outdoor grooming.....the key word here is "used to". We moved to Virginia in 2000 and our yard was a grass, no mower, no weeds......just pine needles....I loved it!

When we moved to Colorado we did the same thing -a la naturale. I made sure the landscaping was mower unfriendly. That plan went in the toilet when we had the "Monumental Pine Beetle Invasion" last year and a bunch of our 50' pine trees were cut down. Now we have open space in parts of the yard and stuff is coming up everywhere!

Well, my next door neighbor just did the $30K landscaping bonanza and it makes us look like sharecroppers next door to his boulders, trees, outdoor lighting etc etc. My wife is starting to "nibble" at me to "Do something about it honey".........ugh, I hate yardwork and I'm damn sure not spending $30K to keep up! What to do???
Ok, 3 gallons of Weed B Gone and a sprayer and I'm done for another year.......hooray!