Saturday, September 03, 2005

Gulf Coast Disaster...Second Guessing Premature?

I am weary of the second guessing going on by media only a few days into the greatest natural disaster in America's history. I watched in dismay as a MSN news reporter sitting in a cozy New York studio, peppered a Louisiana official demanding the official explain who should get the blame for breakdowns in the process. Why? What purpose is served by this line of questioning at this stage of the rescue?
The news media is taking up valuable time of people needing to focus on getting people out of the affected Gulf Coast area...shame on the officials for getting caught up in explaining themselves for "image control"...they should confine information to just update loved ones about rescued people for the next few days. The media is supposed to report on this tragedy, not become part of it! MSN is so over the top on negative reporting it's disgusting...CNN is close behind and I'm disappointed in Fox News as well.
The expectations of our society, news media and politicians have become totally unrealistic as to how immediate things of this magnitude can be "fixed". It was one thing to deal with the tragedy of 911...tough, but at least it was confined to a several block area of New York with enormous resources in the immediate area. This catastrophe occurred in a HUNDRED SQUARE MILE AREA in one of the poorest areas of the Municipal, State or Federal plan could possibly be on "instant ready" for something like this...and water is everywhere slowing the effort.
I won't defend the New Orleans Mayor, State Officials or archaic chain of command and regs that I believe slow the response time of National Guard or other Federal Agencies....but...We need to cut some slack to everyone involved...lets figure out how to do it better (God forbid should it ever happen again) after all are safe and the water recedes.
...and Who will pay for this disaster?
Insurance will not come close to paying for the rebuilding of the city of New where will the money come from? Good chance it will come from our tax base. If that turns out to be the case, we Americans footing the bill should have a say in whether vast sums are spent on the massive pumping facilities, levies and flood walls required to keep a city built below sea level dry. Since most experts are saying the city will have to be built from the ground up, I would like to see the city moved up river to higher ground which could save billions. Business & Homeowners in New Orleans know or should know the risk they take in living there and should be required to go along with decisions made if they seek aid, local and state governments receiving Federal dollars also need to take the will of the general taxpaying public into account. I'm not advocating a insensitive approach and welcome the efforts of many to raise money to help those in need...however, estimates of it costing up to 150 Billion Dollars is more than I believe taxpayers should have to swallow.