Monday, July 11, 2005

Dennis "the Dud"...not in my book

A Weather Channel broadcaster refered to Hurricane Dennis as a "Dud" yesterday...guess it didn't bring the level of death and destruction to make it a ratings buster story? I have been through a moderate hurricane before and the disruption to life is something I won't forget soon - it was no "dud" as far as my wife, dogs and I were concerned.
When Hurricane Isabell hit our home in Virginia Beach, Va. September 2003, we lost all power for a week...that means food goes bad, no airconditioning during sweltering nights, candles for light at night, no cooking, no washing, no garage door opener, no TV and costly repairs to be made which are only partially covered by insurance. The loss of hundred year old trees and the removal costs were staggering. It's no different for up to 500,000 folks in Florida today. I don't think of it as a dud by any means.
The networks and cable outlets have become so obsessed about self serving ratings they have mostly lost their way in the compassion department.