Sunday, May 22, 2005

Open Question to the NBA Union: "Are You Totally Nuts?"

A little sports to change things up here at Rocky's place...I'm stunned that the NBA Players Union is acting like the NHL Players Union....NUTS !! If you took a poll of all American's who enjoy sports (about 75 million of us I'd guess), I bet'cha a wooden nickel 70 million of them would say professional basketball players make way too much money, aren't very good role models for the most part and treat the "game" too much like a business. If I'm right, do you think many of us will feel sorry for them if they get locked out on June 30th by the NBA?
We fans didn't just fall off a turnip truck you know......higher wages mean higher ticket prices, and they are already in the stratosphere! The Players Union is trying to play hard ball with a bunch of very wealthy basketball team owners who can hold out a lot longer than the NHL owners can even think about.
The Union needs to get a brain and settle soon.