Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Rocky Sand Box Conundrum.....

I have a website business that engages in providing Vsat satellite internet services to individuals, businesses and government agencies. The business is 6 months old and I've learned a lot about how to get found when someone is searching for these products....BUT you won't find me if you search for vsat internet on Google...why you ask?...the dreaded "sand box"...I'm in it and can't get out for a few more months. If you go to most any other search engine I'll pop right up.
Google, it seems (no one knows for certain how it works) puts you in never, never land until you have proven you aren't a spam mechanism...actually a good idea for all of us....but frustrating to a legitimate business. So I decided that I would start a sand box of my own ...yep, if you want to link to my blog, you have to spend 10 minutes in my "sand box"...that will teach 'em.

Here's the satellite internet site:
and the news site: