Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Boycott The Krabloonik Sled-Dog center in Snowmass

Writing this pains me deeply......I can't imagine shooting any dog, much less a healthy one, yet that is what they have done at Krabloonik Sled-Dog Center in Snowmass Colorado. This sled dog "experience" offered to well-to-do folks coming to Snowmass, has a history of disposing of dogs unable to carry the load any longer by shooting them in the head with a .22 and tossing them into the same pit they dispose feces in.
Sounds too horrific to believe.....and to top it off, it's legal in Colorado. Our State should be beyond ashamed by allowing this law related to animal practice to stay on the books. The owners of this establishment should be required to find homes for these dogs as part of the renewal of their license to the meantime, we should Boycott the sorry SOB's.
I can only hope someone at the state level has the courage to do something about it.

I learned today that the Aspen Daily Times has weighed in on the matter and the owner of Krabloonik, Dan MacEachen, has said he will "work to find alternatives to culling, including placing healthy dogs in homes or rescue kennels". Amazing what a little heat from the locals who depend on a good reputation for tourist trade will bring about.....let's see how he does over time...what's gone on for years is deplorable.

Write your legislator about changing the laws- I damn sure did. - info & photo courtsey Denver Post