Thursday, May 19, 2005

Cherokee Nation Offers No PeacePipe for Ward...

Well this should come as no surprise to anyone following the beleaguered University of Colorado Professor, Ward Churchill - the Cherokee Nation wants nothing to do with him!
Seems he has told everyone he's part Cherokee Indian- even got the Tahlequah tribe in Oklahoma to grant him honorary membership, which they ended up revoking in 1996. Guess they feel the same way I do- his credentials don't seem to add up.....hmmm....he keeps digging a mighty deep hole to try to crawl out of.

Next Tuesday a Colorado University committee will be reviewing whether he misrepresented his heritage under the Affirmative Action program he used to get his current job, the accusations of plagiarism in some of his important dissertation work and the charge of blatant inaccuracies in some of his publications since becoming a Professor. The Committee will then sit down with Ward and his attorney on Wednesday in what I'll call "Let's Make a Deal". As a taxpayer in Colorado I hope they do the right thing based on fair and balanced findings...not the politically correct thing.