Sunday, July 03, 2005

Yard Work....Me?

I made a decision in 2001 that I would never mow, pull sprinklers around a yard, trim hedges, rake leaves...well, you know...manual yard type labor. I've gone back on my word the last couple of weeks - by choice. I've spent too many years parked on a chair looking at a computer screen and banging away on a keyboard and not enough time shuffling my feet and moving my arms around.....heck, if I keep this up for a while, I'll be back on the golf course before you know it.
My second reason is that I've hired a couple of guys to do it recently and they either no-showed or wanted to bankrupt me to mow, trim and clip a postage stamp area of grass.
So I'll be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow and fire up the mower, hedge clipper, blower, chain saw and any other electrified piece of equipment I can find in the garage and do some yard damage...what a hoot being a yardman again can be!

Happy 4th a flag or at least think of how wonderful it is to go where you want when you want to and all of the other things I take for granted all too often.