Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I Am In Control....Right?

When it comes to dogs and wives I don't seem to have what it takes to be a King of the Castle. I'm trying my best to emulate my hero, "Tool Time" guy Tim Allen, in all my family affairs....but nobody listens.
"Sit Buddy....sit Tucker"....I get a blank stare. "Come on in boys" is a waste of breath. The question, "Want a biscuit?", is the only phrase that gets the tails wagging and allows me brief stardom. Selective Hearing is the order of the day around "The Castle"....which brings me to the wife...
"Surely you didn't mean that did you"...she politely suggests..."Sorry honey, I didn't understand you"....yuck...I can't begin to Bulldoze this woman - should have known marrying a shrink could cause, well, Castle Challanges... Oh well, there's always the cat - right?