Saturday, August 20, 2005

A Monumental Fish Story....

We recently bought a home in Monument Colorado. It came with many features we really like: a big enough yard for our dogs, plenty of inside space and a really nice quiet neighborhood. It regretfully came equipped with one feature we don't like so well: the monumental fish tank - complete with three hungry fish. Seems the previous owners didn't want to move a 1,000 lb. tank, so it "came with the deal" so to speak.
I am not a fish fact I can't stand them. The "tank" is over 4' long, 2 1/2' tall and must have a bazillion gallons of murky green water in it. I am amazed the three fish have lived through the ordeal - one is almost pan frying size..hmmm. Anyway, my wife thought maybe she would look up on the net to see if there was a SPCA type organization for know, find a loving home for the slimy little guys. None to be found.
So we started pitching the idea of free fish, tank and all accompanying equipment to neighbors, co-workers and passers by the neighborhood. Ahaa, a taker! My neighbor happens to have a 6 year old daughter who loves fish! Only problem is they didn't have a suitable place to put the mammoth they had a stand custom built and it's finally ready (my neighbor doesn't think the "free fish & tank offer" is so free after paying for the stand) ...oh boy, I only have to listen to the water pump going agggrumph, agggrumph all night long for a few more nights - Hooray!
Update: August 26th...they are finally gone...all was totally quiet until 2AM when the local pack of coyotes and a few fox in the neighborhood decided to have a "bark-off"...geez.