Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Great Palmer Divide Heat Wave of 2005

This event is not to be confused with the Great Palmer Divide Blizzard of 2005 or the Great Palmer Divide Beetle Massacre of 2005 but it's pretty Monumental.
It's been toasty around Monument Colorado for the last week. Even with low humidity (like 12-16%) it gets pretty warm without A/C when the daytime temperature reaches 90+. Fortunately we live at 7,300 ft. so by evening things are comfortable again. I would wish a basement for anyone living in metro Colorado Springs...they have suffered with temperatures around 100 every day for over a week and Denver is like an oven these days.
I'm convinced that AccuWeather knows what they are talking about when they say it will cool down starting this weekend and stay pretty nice for the next 15 days. By then we will start making preparations for the first snow?....not exactly.