Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hibernating this winter....

I've been in blogger hibernation this winter and really busy with a new job and all. I'm traveling a lot more than I've had to do for the last 15 years or so and it's taking some getting used to:
First: I don't like to practically undress at security lines at especially
Second: I don't like to sit next to loud mouthed drunks or crying babies on planes
Third: I don't like walking for miles in airports like Denver, Chicago, Salt Lake or Colorado Springs...who designed those airports anyway? ....they certainly didn't take the lead from DFW in Dallas, where you are not more than 50 yards from transportation or bags.
and Last: I have to pack in one of those "rolling" bags that are designed to go on the plane, but never are accepted, so I check them and get to iron every wrinkled shirt and suit when I get there.
YUCK! I think I'll start requiring anyone who wants to visit with me to come to Monument...that will go over like a lead balloon with my boss....oh well, "would you like something to drink and a 'snack' Mr. Scott".......sure, gimmie two packages of peanuts please with my coke.