Friday, April 13, 2007

Imus is a what!

Don Imus finally said something racially incorrect and dumb enough to probably tank his on earth he lasted all these years without getting fired is amazing! I'll never figure out why it was important to him to come off like a hip "Gangsta" ...he sounds so much like a fish out of water when he goes into one of his "I'm like a cool black stud" rants that I wonder why he bothered. Oh well, it doesn't appear we'll be listening to his BS any time soon. CBS Radio put the final nail in his shock jock coffin yesterday by firing him. to important stuff.....

I hope that the Black Leaders in the U.S. will have the courage to let this Don Imus episode be the catalyst for a good hard look at ALL of the damaging things going on these days to the young black population in America:

First: Take a hard look at Black Rap artists pushing the drug and violence scene in their music (if you call it that - not exactly MoTown is it?). Put a stop to it....prevent your black children from buying that crap.
Second: Confront and Challenge Black fathers to be role models and to stick around the family and be a parent! The incidence of black men abandoning the family is off the charts here in the U.S.
Third: Single out anyone black or otherwise who demeans or belittles women on TV, Movies, Music or Radio. Make a big enough deal out of it that the price is greater than the ego trip the sick SOB's seem to be on.

Now when you have done all of these things, Black Leaders of America, come back here and I'll gladly speak to you about what you can start on next - The Three C's........Classrooms, Civility and Civics.