Thursday, July 19, 2007

Landscaping Competition Chapter II

" OK, OK, OK........I'll do something about the yard dear." After last year's Monumental Jungle and then the Landscape Competition that never was, I have finally agreed to try to tame the yard a bit. I liked the "a la naturale" look personally, but the wife put her foot down.

So I hired a young man to come once a week and try to help me tame the Jungle. "Down Goes shrub, down goes shrub" (almost sounded like Howard Cosell calling the Ali -Frazer fight)....we took a ton of dead or dying stuff out and replaced it with pine mulch. Now in our second month of the project, I can honestly say that I am within shouting distance of the folks in our neighhorhood who have spent 10's of thousands on beautifying their yards....but I've only spent a small fraction of that and am ready to puff my chest out in glee.

Ok, so what if I don't have 20 or so brand new 20' Pine trees planted all over the place and a sprinkler system with a "leaky faucet" setup to keep it all growing.....I have a hose and it works just fine, thank you....AND we have flowers, tons of flowers in baskets all across the front of our house....AND we have house flags in two places - something nobody else has - or perhaps wants...oh well, we like 'em.

I figure by the time we are ready to move to a smaller place on one level in a few years, we'll have the place looking pretty darned presentable!