Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Town Meeting - Mike Vick

ESPN decided to have a "Town Meeting" in Atlanta, Ga. yesterday to allow Atlanta citizens to weigh in on Michael Vick and the multiple felony charges he faces for heading up a dog fighting operation in Virginia. The crowd was split basically down the that, I mean there were about as many folks there who believed that a dog fighting business is beyond inhumane and is properly treated as a felony in the U.S. as there were folks who believe dog fighting should be no more than a misdemeanor charge and Michael Vick should be able to return immediately to the NFL. I was stunned.

My wife and I love dogs and have "rescued" and fostered several Golden Retrievers over the last decade or so. I'd have a whole yard full of them if we could properly care for I'm very biased on this topic, but fortunately the rest of the country outside of Atlanta agrees with our view as evidenced by countless polls since the story broke: Dog fighting is a terrible sport and should be eradicated.

Michael Vick was totally aware of the laws regarding this "sport" and did it a big way...he housed upwards of 100 dogs at a given time. He bought a house with lots of land in a secluded area to avoid the law. He brutally murdered dogs that didn't live up to expectations and he tried to lie his way out of taking responsibility when the facts of the case came over him like a Colorado Avalanche. To me this is very sick stuff and I expect the judge (a dog lover too) will hand down a stiff sentence.

Today it was announced by ESPN that Michael Vick tested positive for marijuana use! This is strictly prohibited under his bail agreement and he will be restricted even further as to what he will be able to do while on bail. Does this sound like a person who tells everyone he's had a Christian "awakening"? Sounds more to me like a person who hasn't learned a thing .... yet. Wait till he goes to the Big House for a few years.....exactly where he belongs in my opinion.