Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Presidential Politics....Spin City

It's that time again...every four years America braces itself for the onslaught of political rubbish, 1/2 truths, mud slinging and spin. It is very difficult to have an ounce of faith in ANY of the candidates as they tell the public what they think it wants to hear: lower taxes, lower fuel costs, cheaper housing, low cost or free medical insurance, no wars, jobs for everyone etc. Trouble is, to make all of those things come true we will need to invade four or five countries and pillage from them, 'cause we sure can't afford it as a nation!

Obama can't shake the apparent racism of his old paster OR his new one, Hillary hasn't cried enough times during the campaign to seem sincere and McCain tells us that he's not a very good student of the economy.......perfect!
I've said in past campaigns where none of the candidates were "standout's" that I would vote for the lesser of the two (in this case three) evils......I can't make up my mind what lesser means. I'll call Bill Clinton...he's pretty good at these kinds of definitions!