Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Former NBA team.......

I grew up in Dallas, Tx........good memories, but I'm not likely to ever move back. I love the Rocky Mountains! Not much I miss other than family......... the Dallas Mavs and Dallas Cowboys!
Too bad I can't seem to get into the Denver Nuggets NBA team - yet......that would make this easy.

I've been a long time Dallas Mavericks fan.......until this last week. The organization is owned by a grown up spoiled brat, plain and simple. I've had it with Mark Cuban's tirades, official bashing, fans booing the presentation of NBA trophy and on and on....embarrassing to say the very least to even mention where I'm from. Sports organizations and their fans are often a reflection of the ownership and coaching staff....I won't blame it all on Mark Cuban.......the fans in AA Arena in Dallas had a choice of how to behave.....shame on those who acted like spoiled brats as well.

I'm going to try to read up on the Nuggets and hope they give some help to Carmello and get a defense.