Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!!

It's been over 10 years since I visited Las Vegas and the casino scene. Well, I decided to attend the Consumer Electronics Show 2008 (CES) and help with our company booth for a day. I felt like an old Geezer the whole time and that someone had their hand in my pocket 24/7.

The only game I've ever played much in Vegas is Keno (can you tell I'm a "low roller"?)...."Sorry Mr. Scott, we did away with Keno over two years ago." My favorite game to play is craps, but I can't take the speed that you win or lose money......just too quick for my blood. So I decided to try the one arm bandit games. I pulled out a bunch of quarters and went over to the nearest bank of slot machines.......couldn't find a place to put the quarters! I'm really sounding like an out of touch dude! I was so put off by the requirement that you buy "credits" to play the slots that I just walked away. Not a dime wagered while in Vegas.....could be a record for me...oh well, I'd rather be viewing wildlife at Yellowstone than all of this Glitzy Vegas crap anyway.

Obviously I'm in the minority about Vegas...the city is growing by leaps and bounds, the casino scene is exploding and now high rise apartment/condos are the rage (at a mere $500K starting price). The city is drawing in millions of people each year, it just won't be drawing me back any time soon......