Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Fox Update... We have 6 of them!

The Golden's started a bark-fest this afternoon so I looked out to the end of our drive where the Fox Family has taken up....and lo and behold.......not three, but 6 baby foxes were bounding about! Just like typical "rug rats" they were pestering mom and dad, fighting with each other and getting into everything they could find! This is a real treat for a guy who has never been this close to such an abundance of wildlife before. I'm trying to get a picture of all six and will post when they all come out.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mom & Baby Fox

Mom & her "Kit" Posted by Hello

New Fox Kits under our driveway!

We live in an area bordering Colorado Springs & Monument called Fox Run....named that for good reason...there are Foxes everywhere. We just discovered that a momma fox decided the drainage tunnel running under our driveway would make a good den. We now have 3 kits beginning to come out to play (see photos- Mom & Kit)...it's driving our 2 Golden Retrievers nuts, but giving us a terrific wildlife show every morning & evening. I love this place!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Rocky Sand Box Conundrum.....

I have a website business that engages in providing Vsat satellite internet services to individuals, businesses and government agencies. The business is 6 months old and I've learned a lot about how to get found when someone is searching for these products....BUT you won't find me if you search for vsat internet on Google...why you ask?...the dreaded "sand box"...I'm in it and can't get out for a few more months. If you go to most any other search engine I'll pop right up.
Google, it seems (no one knows for certain how it works) puts you in never, never land until you have proven you aren't a spam mechanism...actually a good idea for all of us....but frustrating to a legitimate business. So I decided that I would start a sand box of my own ...yep, if you want to link to my blog, you have to spend 10 minutes in my "sand box"...that will teach 'em.

Here's the satellite internet site: http://www.vsatus.com
and the news site: http://vsatus.blogspot.com

Monday, April 11, 2005

Rocky surveys the Blizzard Posted by Hello

"The Great Palmer Divide Blizzard of 2005"

I live in the hills overlooking Monument Colorado and today is the most brutal snowstorm I've seen in my lifetime...I know, for those of you who have lived here many years...it's just another spring storm...but for me it's history in the making !

I can imagine telling my grandkids about The Great Palmer Divide Blizzard of 2005... "It started with a whistling wind and a few flurries and by the time it ended there was more than 6 foot of snow on the ground"...fish story ya think? Anyway, I'll take a hundred photos of it with my trusty Digital camera to prove to 'em it really happened.....working on how to make it look like 6'. We'll be staying in today.
- 8 PM Sunday - We have over 14" of snow on the ground and drifts up to 3'...this storm is no longer a joking matter and it's still coming down. I pray for those who have lost electricity in this general area.
- 6:00 AM Monday - 20" of snow on the ground with drifts up to 5'...opening an outside door brings a wave of snow into the house. Still snowing...I may not have to exagerate to the grandkids after all. Now I know what "Digging out after the Storm" means!


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

They Shoot Dogs Here.... Posted by Hello

Boycott The Krabloonik Sled-Dog center in Snowmass

Writing this pains me deeply......I can't imagine shooting any dog, much less a healthy one, yet that is what they have done at Krabloonik Sled-Dog Center in Snowmass Colorado. This sled dog "experience" offered to well-to-do folks coming to Snowmass, has a history of disposing of dogs unable to carry the load any longer by shooting them in the head with a .22 and tossing them into the same pit they dispose feces in.
Sounds too horrific to believe.....and to top it off, it's legal in Colorado. Our State should be beyond ashamed by allowing this law related to animal practice to stay on the books. The owners of this establishment should be required to find homes for these dogs as part of the renewal of their license to operate....in the meantime, we should Boycott the sorry SOB's.
I can only hope someone at the state level has the courage to do something about it.

I learned today that the Aspen Daily Times has weighed in on the matter and the owner of Krabloonik, Dan MacEachen, has said he will "work to find alternatives to culling, including placing healthy dogs in homes or rescue kennels". Amazing what a little heat from the locals who depend on a good reputation for tourist trade will bring about.....let's see how he does over time...what's gone on for years is deplorable.

Write your legislator about changing the laws- I damn sure did. - info & photo courtsey Denver Post

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Gas saving dream car....my new Isetta? Posted by Hello

That does it....I'm getting an Isetta........

Gas prices have zoomed up again to the point that I'm considering a gas pinching car again (the Isetta was built by BMW if you can believe it!)....one too small to carry my two Goldens, can't pass a bicycle on the highway and whines worse than my wife when she doesn't get her way.... but gets over 35 mpg !...just enough to overcome the greedy oil companies. Gad...am I reactive or what!

The TV Economic pundits remind us every Saturday morning that Europeans have been paying $2.50+ per gallon prices for years and we American's are spoiled...if that is the case, then so are the Oil Companies. You watch, the next quarterly reports of every major U.S. oil company will make the stockholders jump for joy. Oh well, Harley's get 35 mpg...maybe it's time to spring for a Soft Tail...I can almost hear the rumble in the garage as I lite it up....and my wife comes out to wail on me about the racket... "you are the scourge of the neighborhood"....no way to win ...I'll just get an electric scooter instead.