Sunday, May 22, 2005

Open Question to the NBA Union: "Are You Totally Nuts?"

A little sports to change things up here at Rocky's place...I'm stunned that the NBA Players Union is acting like the NHL Players Union....NUTS !! If you took a poll of all American's who enjoy sports (about 75 million of us I'd guess), I bet'cha a wooden nickel 70 million of them would say professional basketball players make way too much money, aren't very good role models for the most part and treat the "game" too much like a business. If I'm right, do you think many of us will feel sorry for them if they get locked out on June 30th by the NBA?
We fans didn't just fall off a turnip truck you know......higher wages mean higher ticket prices, and they are already in the stratosphere! The Players Union is trying to play hard ball with a bunch of very wealthy basketball team owners who can hold out a lot longer than the NHL owners can even think about.
The Union needs to get a brain and settle soon.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Cherokee Nation Offers No PeacePipe for Ward...

Well this should come as no surprise to anyone following the beleaguered University of Colorado Professor, Ward Churchill - the Cherokee Nation wants nothing to do with him!
Seems he has told everyone he's part Cherokee Indian- even got the Tahlequah tribe in Oklahoma to grant him honorary membership, which they ended up revoking in 1996. Guess they feel the same way I do- his credentials don't seem to add up.....hmmm....he keeps digging a mighty deep hole to try to crawl out of.

Next Tuesday a Colorado University committee will be reviewing whether he misrepresented his heritage under the Affirmative Action program he used to get his current job, the accusations of plagiarism in some of his important dissertation work and the charge of blatant inaccuracies in some of his publications since becoming a Professor. The Committee will then sit down with Ward and his attorney on Wednesday in what I'll call "Let's Make a Deal". As a taxpayer in Colorado I hope they do the right thing based on fair and balanced findings...not the politically correct thing.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Pass the Mustard please....

I am NOT a least when using an oven. My latest attempt at cooking in an oven is shown above ...we'll just call it State Fair Corny Jerkey. My dog's won't even eat it.
Meet you at Wendy's for dinner dear....


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Moving Day is Nearing....

Oh do I hate moving day (this will be my 3rd in 5 years), but I do like the new place we will call home for the next umpteen years - or rather till retirement (more like 7 years). We are only moving about 3 miles, but you have to pack everything as if you were going to NY or something...geez, what a pain.
I have been charged with the details part of this: Lending company, Real estate agent, fence man, paint man, carpet man, Architectural Control Committee (the ones who tell you if fence man and paint man can go ahead with your projects), ordering up TV, Phones, Cable internet......ugh - I dream of the day I'll be sipping a cool glass of ice tea on the new slate patio...yikes, I forgot to call slate man!...oh well, do it tomorrow.....

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Rise N Shine....

If you are a resident of Barrow Alaska are seeing the first day of the 24 hour sun days until mid November. Imagine waking up at 3 AM to take a ...well you know, and seeing the sun out! How would you get back to sleep? Now since there are only about 4,600 of you in Barrow, I doubt any of you will read this or comment on it...but if you do...all 10 of us who DO read this will be interested in knowing what it is like up there 300 freeking miles north of the Artic Circle!
It chills me to even think of it....but Colorado at above 7000 ft. is no sauna either! I'm really looking forward to warmer, longer days here in the Rockies. I never cease to be amazed by the people who wear shorts and short sleeve tee shirts in the middle of a spring snow storm....while I'm bundled up in a downfilled winter coat and snow boots! This adjustment to a colder clime might take a while....
Oh...almost forgot, if you are a resident in Barrow and you want to inquire about satellite internet up there...don't call me....I can't help you even though I would like satellites with footprints at that latitude - sorry!
For Satellite service in the "lower 48" go to:

Thursday, May 05, 2005

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