Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiger Woods is the fool of the year...

I really can't believe how arrogant or stupid Tiger Woods has been over the last several years. WHAT DID HE THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN !!! As a married high profile man, you can't bed down over a dozen bimbo's and expect all of them to quietly await the next encounter...sooner or later one or more will squeal on you. Give Tiger the biggest DUH you can imagine.... again, what the hell was he thinking???

I've been a golf fan since the 60's when Lee Trevino, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus were competing on the links. We will probably never know if any of them were "messing around", but I don't recall any blow-ups for any of the Big Four. Intense coverage of the private lives of celebrities has been well publicized over the last decade - as a well known person, you can't be a part of any indiscretion without it getting press. What was the idiot thinking?

My philosophy has been that when you reach a point that you are determined/interested to be with a different woman than your wife.....get out of the relationship with your wife FIRST! If Tiger were single (and I expect he will be pretty soon) this string of Bimbo's would be something a lot of young guys would be envious of. As it stands now, Tiger is likely thought of by most men as a extremely self-centered irresponsible jerk. I can't even begin to think what most women think of him.... How would you like to explain to your children the reason your marriage ended?

I really don't care (other than for his two kids) how this plays interest in PGA tournaments will not ever be as great as it was before all of this rubbish became public. Go Lefty!